The inspiration for Indy Over Everything really came to Scotty when he was lying flat on his living room floor, painting the floor boards.  His mind wandered to the countless exchanges he has had over his life where people would constantly boast about their hometown of Indy to outsiders, or immediately connect with a complete stranger who happens to be from Indy as well.

Spending time himself living in Detroit and Chicago, and having friends and family living everywhere from LA to Austin to New York and countless places in between --  Scotty could not quite figure out why people from Indy talked so vehemently about their hometown when they were gone, but didn’t celebrate it while they were actually living there.

A little exploration into the market would yield the answers pretty quickly. The issue was two-sided: the big-box national retailers were making cookie-cutter apparel items that merely changed colors and logos city-to-city, and the customized local shops were screen printing gimmicky one-liners on scratchy cheap fabric shirts. 

There was no middle ground. Or, as Scotty likes to think of it, there was no higher ground. So, the idea was born.  It was time for a better option. 

“Ideas are easy, implementation is hard” is a quote often attributed to Guy Kawasaki, a marketing guru and early member of the Apple team back in the 80’s. Guy’s words never rang more true than when Scotty first had the idea for Indy Over Everything. He took out a roll of duct tape, traced a circle, and created the first logo.

With this attempt staring at him in the face, and Guy’s works rattling around in his head, Scotty knew he'd need some help.  He looped in Shannon, Bridget, and Britt and hit the ground running.